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Ho ho ho! Are you ready for this New Year's Eve? Do not say yes before you read this article. By the way, Santa loves you guys, but there is no gift in his gift bag. Do not wait for a gift in vain this year too. The gifts are in the gift shops. Go to buy and spend more money like you do on every special occasions. Because the system works so!

Ahh New Year's Eve night. Multicolored lights, snowflakes, fireworks, fancy pine trees. Even cold can be negligible at that  night. Passion, love and more. People wish each other good wishes. At that night we feel happy, hopeful, ebullient, excited and so on. It is coming soon. A hectic preparation is everywhere.  People decorate their houses with colorful lamps and adorn pine trees, shops are agleam, streets are peaceful. There is really a magic around the world at that night. The atmosphere convinces us that tomorrow we wake up another world which is peaceful, away from war, hopeful, no room for racism... Jingle bells, jingle bells but what bells jingle for?

For a while we can be deceived with that fake feeling. But nobody will wake up a new world on 1st. January. The world is going to be as we left, wars will continue in The Middle East, people will continue to die of hunger in Africa, glaciers will continue to melt in Antarctica, and we will continue to celebrate new years crazier than previous one. I think it is the time to think about that little bit. let's question ourselves "why".

Why do we celebrate the coming of new years? We never know what it brings us. Maybe we face such a situation that we never want. Let's be realistic and stop hoping for peace, health, happiness. For years, people has been hoped same things for new years. It has never worked until now. At lest I think so. Time to take action. If we really believe that something change with new year, we should know that it is up to us. 1st. January can be beginning of change. Set your targets. And start working to achieve your goals on 1st January. Then new year will be more meaningful for you. Stop smoking, learn to play an instrument, start to sport etc. Those will help you have happy new year. And never forget or always keep it in your mind that we have responsibility to the world. From 1 January, be more sensitive to the environment, dont use ozone depleting substances, plant a tree if there is a place around you, empathize with street animals. You can expand the examples. Just try to do something useful for the world. Maybe there are more you can than you think. Just think about and do it.

Another issue is celebration and hoping good wishes upon others. Of course I dont talk about celebration style. It is not my business. If you have already done many good things for yourself and the world through the year, you’re welcome! You can celebrate it crazy. The point is that celebration shoul be after success. A student celebrates graduation after exam results, not before, a football team does not celebrate championship at beggining of a season. To celebrate something, you should deserve it. Or you must have tried something to reach your goals. At least you have right to say yourself that "I have tried!". Then the celebration becomes meaningful.  By this way , it does not be new year celebration anymore, the celebration is for your past year which you have already done many good things. Hope is most powerful tool to reach goals. Just need to know how to use it. The faith that keeps a ship in it's route on a vast ocean is hope of seeing land. Hope is to want believing something realize. To hope is something but it is nothing without effort. Making an effort carries you to success. And hope can be a whip to make effort. Therefore never lose hope and never give up.

Jingle bells, jingle bells for better world this time. Happy conscious years.

Lord Memo

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