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We finally saw some sport events coming back to life after coronavirus took over. The Spanish league started strong - it was a clash of the titans between Madrid and Barcelona fighting for the league title. I was kind of confusing guessing who the champions were going to be after this long break, but we enjoyed some tough head to head games! Transfers have been affected by the coronavirus too and the players' prices are going down fast, but I’m sure there will be great performances after the break nonetheless.

Everyone is also looking forward to knowing who the Champions League winner will be this year. UEFA has changed some rules in the COVID-19 aftermath, so there will be only 1 match in the semi-finals instead of 2 (home & away legs). We will surely see some surprises since some teams performances are currently better than others. The sad part is going to be games without crowds, which will be a big disappointment for many. Stay tuned!

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