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The emoji that represents you according to your horoscope is there a smiley that you use more than another on your keyboard? Do you understand why you identify with that drawing? The emojis that you use every day can also say a lot about you. Here you have the emoticon that corresponds to you according to your character, way of being, strengths, weaknesses and the zodiac sign that represents you in the stars.

ARIES: Your strong personality and security in yourself is reflected in the emoji of the goat. Apart from being the sign that represents you in the zodiac, it is the one you should use the most to leave a mark in each conversation via chat you have.

TAURUS: This year you will not fall in love. It's not bad, it's what you really want. That's why the emoji with sunglasses is the perfect one to close every conversation you have with your crush. Or crushes. Live your life

 GEMINI: Venus and Uranus are positioned on your side sending you a super-positive energy that you will use to have a clear mind and to master wonderful projects. That's why your emoji is the one with the light bulb. You release originality!

CANCER: The emoji of the eyes with hearts summarizes the mood you will have throughout the year. Why? Love is going to knock on your door if your heart is free and you will go to the 'next level' if someone is already occupying it.

LEO: Your strengths are your greatest treasure. The emoji throwing a heart represents you totally, since it will be the face that you will put every time you get one of the many good news that you will receive this year. Especially in the workplace.

VIRGO: Your emoji is the one with the heart. It does not mean that you are going to find love. You do not need it. You will use it for the good intuition you have with everything, mainly with business. You have everything in your favor to earn money.

LIBRA: Maybe this is not going to be the year in which you better find yourself personally. You are very emotional. Therefore, you are inundated with doubts and insecurities. But you should know that the people who love you, always put a smiley face in love every time he sees you.

SCORPIO: Even if the emoji of the rose loves you, you do not have to be thinking all the time about me-wants-not-love-me. The opposition of Jupiter with the Moon will favor your relationship and you will be better than ever. You will feel like a rose!

SAGITTARIUS: The difference that this emoji has in throwing a kiss with the one that is throwing a heart is that, love. Your relationship has a lot of ups and downs, although you will have many job opportunities. Do not lose hope!

CAPRICORN: Yours is humor. You make everyone laugh and you usually fall super good, like the devil emoji smiling. But you also have that audacious part that will make everything go great at work.

AQUARIUS: This year will be super positive for you in all aspects except one: work. The reason? You are more time putting the emoji of the beach than to be aware of your tasks. We know you long for a vacation, but focus and everything will flow alone.

 PISCES: The dolphin's emoji has nothing to do with your watery sign, but with the very high libido you will have this year. We could say that they are a bit confused, but they are also very affectionate, kind and nostalgic. And loving!

I hope the article has been of your pleasure, see you soon. "The essence of life is to go FORWARD" Astro .Grisє. If you want your astrology read to you feel free to contact me!