Feed the hungry punters at the Food Festival at Cibus Square!

Smeet Room Food Festival at Cibus Square Chat Game

WE’RE HUNGRY. Sadly there’s nothing in the fridge at the moment, and we can’t really be bothered to cook. Luckily, this week sees the historic marketplace at Cibus Square host its annual food festival! Time to get involved!

Smeet City is a diverse metropolitan area, so there are lots of different communities that come out to showcase their traditional cuisines at the festival. Whether it’s Thai street food from the Asian Stall, a Moroccan tagine from the African Stall or a Kangaroo burger from the Australian Stall, there’s something for everyone! There’s even an Experimental Stall where you can try weird stuff like fried dolphin skin, snake stew or stick insect truffles. If that’s your thing…

It’s important to the city that the festival is a success, so they’ve hired a Market Seller with a big set of lungs to turn would-be passersby into new Customers. There are a variety of stalls for them to browse through, which should improve the festival reputation in each of the respective cuisines on offer (as long as the food is good, of course!).

Business doing well will also bring plenty of profit, so they can finally fix up the classic Half-Timbered House that used to light up the Cibus Square marketplace, but has sadly fallen into disrepair in recent years. It’s a good cause and should be great fun too, so get down there Smeeters!