Food Costume Contest!

Food Contest Smeet Game

We really love food and, as you may have seen, we've added some delicious new food costumes to the Shop! So now we'd like to have a little Food Costume Contest!

Grab at least one friend and create a screenshot with at least one of the food costumes that shows just how much you LOVE food. Send your screenshot to by the 14th October. The prizes (per user!) are as follows:

1st prize: 500 Coins, 100,000 Fame Points, 50,000 Dimes, the Gold Medal and the Style Icon badge
2nd prize: 250 Coins per user, 50,000 Fame Points, 25,000 Dimes and the Silver Medal
3rd prize: 150 Coins per user, 25,000 Fame Points, 10,000 Dimes and the Bronze Medal

Have fun Smeeters!