Produce heavenly chocolate and cream treats at the Eclairs With Flair Bakery!

Smeet Room Eclairs With Flair Bakery Online Chat Game

Can you smell that? The appetizing whiff of hot chocolate and cream is floating out onto the street, and this particular Smeeter is VERY interested in finding out where it’s coming from. Following your nose, you find yourself stood outside the brand new Eclairs With Flair Bakery!

The young owners have just opened up but are already finding they are a little short of helpers, so get yourself involved and you will be handsomely rewarded with unlimited Eclairs! Just what your waistline needed… ;)

But seriously. Demand is high, cos these Eclairs are something special and word of them has already reached Dimesville right on the other side of town.

There are Crates of Ingredients containing everything you need to get started, so get those to the Bakers who will start to work their magic! When the Dough is ready, bake it in the Oven for the correct amount of time and those scrummy Eclairs With Flair will be all good to go!

Then simply lay them out nicely in the Patisserie Display and reap the rewards. We’ve no doubt that the people of Smeet City will love them.

Best of luck, Smeeters!