Fund your property renovation with a Dimeshill Yard Sale!

Smeet Room Dimeshill Yard Sale Chat Game

Your semi-detached house in the affluent suburb of Dimeshill has seen better days. Some basic repairs need to be done, and not just because your snobby neighbors keep complaining that the dead pigeons in your gutters are ‘ruining the aesthetic of the neighborhood’. Your car needs some work too – how come all this stuff always happens at the same time? It’s gonna be an expensive few months…

Luckily, you’ve thought of the perfect solution! A Yard Sale. They’re pretty popular in Dimeshill and you are guaranteed a good turnout, as long as you don’t get too sentimental when it comes to choosing stuff to sell. I mean, it may harbor fond memories, but do you really need that ‘I Heart JarJar Binks’ t-shirt? Nah. Thought not.

It’s a pretty eclectic crowd that normally rocks up at Dimeshill Yard Sales. Still, a little bit of Advertising never hurts, and should ensure you get enough customers to flog your old junk… **cough cough**…your antique goods. The customers are all after different things, from Books and Records to Clothes and Shoes. Luckily your basement was full of so much stuff that you should be able to satisfy all their needs!

Don’t forget to provide some Shopping Bags for the customers too (recyclable and reusable bags only though, please - #savetheplanet #passonplastic). Once you sell stuff you will of course be rewarded, not only with ‘Junk Money’ that you can use to pay for the renovations of your House, Car and Garden but also, UNTIL 8th MAY ONLY, some rather useful Dimes!

So get selling Smeeters! It can be hard to let old stuff go, we get it, but think of the rewards!