Help Uncle McAur compile a Crazy Coin Collection!

Smeet Crazy Coin Collection Room Chat Game

Your phone buzzes on the table. You peer down at the screen and your heart sinks. UNCLE MCAUR is displayed in big bright letters. You haven’t heard from him since all the ‘drama’ involving his cat mug. What can he want now?

Well, obviously, it’s another strange and frankly bizarre request for his nephew. McAur’s upper-class social circle is apparently going through a new craze – coin collecting! All his friends have large and valuable collections to show off and McAur wants a taste of the action. He’s bought a big bag of coins off an ‘acquaintance’ and hired some Coin Experts to inspect them and pick out any valuable ones, but he also needs your help to organize the whole thing!

No, it’s not a paid gig. You are doing it solely for the love and respect of your mad uncle, and that should be enough ;)

You’ll definitely need to start by acquiring some specialist equipment and Coin Experts in order to check that the Coins are authentic. Gather Magnifying Glasses and Gloves to do the required inspections, or…just bribe the Coin Experts with expensive Scotch. Whatever works for you.

There are 20 Coins for you to collect and prepare for presentation as part of the Coin Collection! Along the way, of course, you will come across your fair share of Worthless Coins. Luckily, Uncle McAur has acquired a ‘Worthless Coin Converter’ off the black market (the less questions asked, the better) as well as a Gold Boost Converter! Work fast, though, as the Gold Boost Converter will only function until 23.05.2019!

Good luck, Smeeters, Uncle McAur is counting on you!