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Learn how to love yourself

So, I wanted to write this article on this subject because on many many occasions I see males and females not love themselves before they start to love other people or giving their heart away. What does the term learn how to love yourself mean? Does it mean buying something nice for yourself, getting a pedicure or making sure you get better when you’re sick?

Learning to love yourself means to treat yourself like your mother or father loves and cares for you when you are first born right up until they no longer need to.

In life many people in the world will end up feeling like they are not wanted, not loved and feeling alone and this all part of living, what’s really important is how you deal with these feelings not just sitting around letting them eat at you or do something about it, remind yourself every day when you wake up “I am beautiful” or “I matter” this will not only build your confidence up, but  it will shut out all the negativity in your life and your body and mental state will automatically reject any negative comments made by people.

When your growing up you will learn how to deal with different aspects of your growing life by the people who are there to care for you. For example; if something bad happened at school you should know that violence is not the key and dealing with it calmly is, just remember to use all these tips  when you come across different life experiences because it doesn’t matter how old you are, you’re always have a part of your mother inside you even when you’re a fully grown adult and you have children of your own.

There is a term used quite a lot by people “words of wisdom” usually what people mean by this is you speak the words that your mother or father once told you when you were growing up.

Upon ending this article, I just want to tell you that always remember the words used by your elders it will help you create an inner bond with your inner child emotions then you will wake up every day feeling no longer alone.

Always remember you’re not alone, you are loved and protected, listen to yourself always and always take care of yourself before other you come first always this is called inner healing.

I want to say thank you for reading my article I hope you enjoyed it’s topic, I am open if you ever want to ask any questions my user name is Bes Id:28113281 I am always here to help you weather you need help to find your love or it’s just a chat about anything, stay happy and have a good time smeeting xoxo.