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What kind of love do you identify with?

1. Eros: Love at first sight

2. Ludus: Love as a game, love is a matter of pleasure rather than of emotions.

3. Storge: Love that is not in a hurry, generally comes from friendship.

4. Pragma: It is a type of love up to a certain point; it can be called "shopping list". The couple is sought to meet specific requirements.

5. Mania: It is a very intense love, do not trust, eventually the couple ends up being very unhappy.

6. Agape: It is a true love, not selfish and is willing to give everything for his partner without expecting anything in return.



Attitudes that make you lose interest in that person you like it:

There are many attitudes that one can inadvertently show and make us look bad. Giving an impression of an unpleasant person. I will tell you some of these that make us see a not pretty person and I will not be talking about the physical.

1. If you do not have goals

Knowing a person who does not plan to do something with his life is discouragement. It is not pleasant to constantly hear someone about how lost they are.

2. If you do not contribute interesting topics of conversation

This happens when the person is always silent or has no idea what you can talk to them about. Getting bored every time you talk to this person. You don't even want to see this person anymore because you know this never has to talk about it.

3. If you do not have ideals or your own opinions

What attracts a person is that you can express your true thoughts and feelings, that helps you have a connection with it. But if this person do not show it, they begins to move away from you because knows that with you this person will never be able to talk about something or even ask you for advice because the only thing you will do is feel with your head.

4. If you aren't positive

You must focus on what will make you a better person. A positive person counts as special magic power. If you do not have positive energies, the other person will see you badly because you reflect it through your actions.

5. If you are a gossip

People don't like conversations to be based only on gossip from others, that's very awkward. Since the person wants to know how you are, not how is another person who does not care. Avoid commenting on others. With the couple you have to catch up on yourselves and enjoy a good time.


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