Tips and tricks for the new website!

How to

Last week we launched the new website and here are some tips to make sure you find everything you need!

We have a new URL. Please use to enter Smeet from now on. To enter the different domains, simply add the country code with a forward dash (/), for example: or

If you click “Enter Smeet” you will find the login page. Unfortunately it´s not possible to save your data in the login form at the moment, but we are working on that. So please remember you email address and password.

To completely log out of Smeet you just to have to go back to “Enter Smeet”and click on it and click on the log out button on the bottom right-hand side.

If you are searching for blog articles other than the ones you see on the front page, just click on one of the articles and take a look at the sidebar. There you can just scroll down to the article you wish to read.

Happy Smeeting!