Fashion Designer Winner 2019 Interview

Smeet Fashion Designer Contest Winner Interview Chat Game

Dear Smeeters, we have our first Design available in our Shop.  •●•●Tigrė●•●• is from the Lithuanian domain and we asked her some questions about her designs!


Congratulations! You were the first user whose outfit was chosen for the Smeet Shop! Do you like how your designs turned out?

Yes, thank you. The designs in the game look exactly as I imagined them to look. The game developers really worked hard.

Are you into fashion in real life?

In real life,  I'm not working in or with fashion, but I am really interested in it and am very pleased to have the opportunity to show my sense of style in Smeet.

What was your inspiration for your outfits?

At first, I was wondering what kind of clothes I would like to see in the game store, but my big inspiration came from my little sister. She talked about her dream dress all the time, so I remembered all her ideas when I needed them. And the men's clothing collection is purely the fruit of my fantasy.

Do you have more ideas and, if yes, for what topics?

In my head, at the most unexpected moment, I am always wondering how anything could improve on Smeet's Inventory. Mostly, i think about something new or original to decorate your avatar, but I often think of myself as wanting to embody some of the characters in the game from movies or famous books around the world. But like I said - it's just my imagination again.


Thank you for answering our questions! Happy Smeeting!

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