Smeet Talk: “The Love of my Life!”!

Smeet Talk

For the next Smeet Talk I wanted to discuss the effects that friendships and relationships that started in Smeet can have on real life. I spoke with a couple from the German domain, Info.Sahrina and Info.Canadas, with the interview being held in German and English. You will hear them telling their story and I will translate it afterwards. Here's what they had to say!:

Sahrina has been playing Smeet since 2008 and Canadas since 2010. Both still have friends, that they meet and see in real life, that they got to know through Smeet. Some of them don´t play Smeet anymore.
They became friends pretty quickly, talking all day and night. Both had recently come out of relationships and weren´t really thinking about getting into another one. So they stayed friends but also realized pretty quickly that they were starting to develop feelings for each other, so they got married in Smeet!

Canadas says that he is a really shy person, so Sahrina was the one telling him that they should try to find out if their feelings were real and that they should meet in real life. So Canadas went to visit Sahrina and kissed her the second he saw her (how sweet is that! could have gone wrong as well ) Ever since then they've been a couple!

The only thing bothering them both was the distance between them of about 200km. After a few months they couldn´t stand being apart from each other any longer, and decided to move in together. They both say that it never felt strange to move in together. It just felt natural.

In 2012 Canadas decided, after coming home from work early in the morning, to propose to Sahrina. Sahrina, still half asleep, said yes. Realizing the situation she jumped out of bed asking, “did you just ask me to marry me?” “Yes!", he grinned, "and you said yes!” It still took them 7 years to get married due to various circumstances.

In March 2019 they finally got married in real life. They had a beautiful wedding with their families and relatives but also a beautiful red-white party with their Smeet family!

Both of them say: “Anything is possible if you can trust the other person completely!”

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