Create Idyllic Ice Cream at the Sunny Beach Ice Cream Contest!

Smeet Sunny Beach Ice Cream Contest Room Chat Game

This summer in Smeet City has been an absolute scorcher. Never one to miss a publicity opportunity, the mayor has decided to exploit the hot weather and organize an impromptu ice cream contest at Sunny Beach, an upmarket oceanside suburb that is always busy as long as the sun is shining.

It’s a great opportunity to test yourself against the best ice cream makers in the city, especially given your previous experience as an ice cream maker from previous Smeet rooms! Perhaps the halloumi and falafel sorbet you’ve been developing is ready to unleash on an unsuspecting public? Or your anchovy gelato, the creation you’ve been telling your friends for years is going to make you rich, could be the key to victory?

We’d say probably not, but you never know.

Your basic ingredients of Sugar, Cream and Fruit are ready and waiting for you – all you need to do is chuck them all in the special Ice Cream Maker! The Ice Cream Maker isn’t particularly consistent however…sometime it produces the best-quality and sometimes it simply…doesn’t.

The Ice Cream Jury will no doubt tell you EXACTLY what they think of your ice cream, whether it’s good or bad, and then award you Ice Cream Points accordingly. Fingers crossed they give you a high enough score to defeat the much-talked-about Ice Cream Experts, your rivals for this contest! Can you cause an upset and storm to first place?

We wish you well at the contest, Smeeters!

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