Time to pen some classic Songs for Smeetovision!

Smeet A Song For Smmetovision Room Chat Game

Smeetovision is getting ever closer, but there are still contestants that aren’t fully ready. Indeed, some of them are seemingly so shockingly underprepared that they haven’t even got round to the most important aspect of their performance – no, not the sequins, but the song itself!

Luckily, this means it’s your time to shine. You’ve always considered yourself something of a songwriting genius, but your confidence has taken a hit ever since you collaborated on an experimental jazz-techno album with ‘Gangnam Style’ singer Psy. Slated by critics and the public alike, the album sold exactly 27 copies and you weren’t even able to shift the leftover stock at your recent Dimeshill Yard Sale.

Anyway, this is your opportunity to recover from that setback. Write some Smeetovision classics and you’ll be enjoying working with all the big names again, (think Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Cher) by the end of the year. We just know it!

Down to business then. Something to write with would be a good start. Oh look. There’s a Quill. And some ink. Cool. Retro cool.

Deriving Inspiration from some classic Eurovision hits of the past might also help, so wheel out your old Music System, lean back, close your eyes and lose yourself in the sweet, sweet melody of Conchita Wurst, Lordi and the song with the guy from Moldova who did the funny saxophone dance.

Get over to the Writing Desk and note your song ideas down on Music Sheets, before finally testing it out on the Piano! Of course, not every idea actually sounds that good when brought to life, so you will find compositions of varying quality! Still, we can feel the Bronze, Gold and Platinum Records are just round the corner for you!

Best of luck, Smeeters!

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