Dream up sensuous aromas and get everyone smelling booootiful at the Smeet Perfumery!

Smeet Room Perfumery Chat Game

Walking around the Smeet City Mall last week, you felt a little light-headed as you walked past one of the stores. Not in a bad way, mind, your nostrils simply met with a fragrance so delightful it almost knocked you out!

You gradually wondered towards it - like a moth to a flame, like a beetle to elephant dung, like a Smeeter to Golden Boosts – and discovered the aroma of your dreams was unsurprisingly coming from the Smeet Perfumery! Desperate for more, you walked inside, and in an aromatic haze started chatting with the owner. Within 5 minutes and without realizing due to being knocked senseless by the smell, you’d signed a contract of employment without even discussing hours, wages or holidays.

This. Is. The. Smeet. Perfume. Effect.


Grate lemons to get Lemon Zest, which can then be fed into the Oil Press to produce Essential Oils! Alongside this you can grab some Rose Petals and Lavender Leaves and place them in the Steam Distallator, another great way to generate those lovely and MOST ESSENTIAL of Oils ;)

The perfumery contains an amazing Fragrance Evaluator, and it comes in mighty useful at this stage! Pour the Essential Oils into it and it will separate them into three unique perfumes – a Dull Fragrance, a Satisfying Fragrance and a Marvellous Fragrance!

Once you’ve produced all that perfume, it’s time to bottle it and flog it to the masses! Bottle it in the different Flacons and sell it with the help of the Perfume Experts – it’s a sure fire business win for everyone involved!


Get to work, Smeeters, we can smell you all already from here!

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