Bid for mystery items at the Airport Luggage Auction!

Airport Luggage Auction Smeet

Regular readers of this blog may remember that Smeet City’s main transport hub, the brand spanking new Tuonela International Airport, was opened last year amongst much fanfare. It has helped establish Smeet City and the surrounding area as tourist magnet, allowing regeneration of a once struggling region. Remnants of the crime-ridden and grimy underbelly of past years still remain, however, and it seems like some rather dodgy characters have landed jobs at the airport itself…

You know this because you have stumbled across what appears to be an unauthorized ‘luggage auction’ outside one of the terminals. Some of the blokes who work in the baggage handling department seem to have gone rogue, nicking a load of passenger’s cases and putting them up for sale for their own, personal gain. It’s shocking, and we know that former TR-admin Tuonela would be most upset about having his name associated with such acts…

Obviously, though, you don’t care about morals or justice or anything like that. You just wanna get your hands on some cool stuff at bargain basement prices! Get yourself in the running for some of the suitcases, backpacks and travel bags on offer by either bringing your own Bidding power to the auction, or getting it in from the outside via the airport Phone Booths! Each bag contains a mystery prize, but it could be FAME POINTS, SMEET POINTS, DIMES or even COINS!

Be aware though, that this auction will not last forever, as the TIA security clamp down on the breach. After 12/7/2018 the quality of the items is sure to reduce!

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