Mr and Mrs Smeet 2019!

Smeet Mr Mrs 2019 Launch Chat Game

We're going to start the year with one of our most popular contests - we're searching for Mr and Mrs Smeet 2019! It's a fashion competition, testing your taste, style and variety of clothing!

Here's how it works, and how to take part:

1.        Enroll as a participant by sending a picture of your Avatar in a cool outfit, your profile ID and your current nickname to by the 27th of January at 8pm.

2.        Check the Smeet blog or speak to your admin for updates on when and where your domain qualification event will take place. Take part, there will be prizes on offer for the qualification events!

3.        The two winners of the qualification events from each domain will be invited as representatives at the great Mr and Mrs Smeet 2019 finale, to be held in the International Room on 14th February! (Event organisers - please select the finalists by the 10th of February). Qualifiers will be informed of special tasks for the final in advance!

4.        Have a blast at the event! Prizes on offer for the finale will be:-

- 1st: 2000 Coin gift card for the Shop, 250,000 Fame Points, the Mr & Mrs Smeet badge, 6 months Gold-VIP and an international Interview!
- 2nd: 1000 Coin gift card for the Shop, 150,000 Fame Points and 4 months Gold-VIP.
- 3rd: 500 Coin gift card for the Shop, 100,000 Fame Points and 3 months Gold-VIP.

Every other participant in the final will get a 300 Coin gift card for the Shop, 50,000 Fame Points and 1 month Gold VIP.


We can't wait to see you at the contests, Smeeters!

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