Restore Athena’s Temple to its former glory!

Smeet Athenas Temple Room Greece

A few weeks ago, two hikers from Smeet City were out wandering the Smeet City Bay Foothills. They stumbled across an ancient ruin, dilapidated and seemingly untouched for centuries. A quick examination from archeologists confirmed the unbelievable – it was an Ancient Greek temple dedicated to the goddess Athena!

No explorers or historians have ever heard of, suggested, or written about the Ancient Greeks invading and settling the region where modern-day Smeet City now sits, so this all seems pretty random. Best not to question it too much, though, think of the boost for tourism this might bring!

A team has been put together to restore the ruin. Obviously, you are on it. Because…y’know…you’re everywhere.

Firstly choose between one of the three Greek Gods - Zeus, Poseidon and Hades - each one gives you a different advantage for the rebuilding job! Use Marble Sculptors, Paint Bowls and Amphorae with Water to carry out the Architects ideas, bringing the ancient mosaics back to life and breathing new life into this stunning structure! Bit by bit, column by column, the final result should make the Smeet City Bay Area a place of historical interest once again!


Best of luck, Smeeters, or as they say in Greece, Καλή τύχη!

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