Generate cash at the Scarf Dyeworks and restore the Mandala Murals!

Smeet Room Scarf Dyeworks Chat Game

Smeet City’s old Indian Market is a historic place. For decades, traders from South Asia arrived in the city looking to sell their wares, and many have since settled and opened local businesses of their own. One such business is the Smeet Scarf Dyeworks, the purveyor of the finest scarves in all the land!

Sales have been struggling recently, however, and this is partly due to the run-down look of the Indian Market. The market sellers have come together with a plan to restore the fantastic Mandala Murals, the iconic centerpieces of the market, but it is going to take quite a bit of cash! So, your first task in your new role as Product Manager at the Scarf Dyeworks is clear – increase sales so that the renovation of the market can be completed.

The money for the restoration is all going to come from the Tourists that visit the market. Dye the Colorless Scarves a variety of colors and flog them at a good price (might want to work on your bartering skills for this too!). Once you have the Rupees, invest them in the Mandala Murals to return the Indian Market to its former glory.

Time for a splash of color, Smeeters!