Sandworm Shenanigans on the Harriot Express!

Smeet Room Harriot Express Online Chat Game

All aboard the Harriot Express! This famous old steam engine still runs its historic route between Smeet City and the next town along the coast, Fame Point Springs. It may be considered a slow mode of transport these days, but people still enjoy the experience of travelling on a classic train and it’s still so busy that booking a cabin is certainly not easy!

So it’s pretty exciting that you finally managed to book a ticket, and the experience didn’t disappoint! Not for the first 2 hours, at least. Since then things have started to go a little pear-shaped…

Firstly, the Harriot Express breaks down. Not ideal, but not a disaster. It happens. Unfortunately, it’s broken down right in the middle of an arid area known for being the home to a rather nasty poisonous Sandworm, a creature that particularly enjoys taking a bite out of any human around! It would be best to get the Harriot fixed and get out of here as soon as possible…

Use Scrap Metal to fix the Leaks in the engine, and get the Inner Fire Box filled up with Coal to get everything moving again. If any Crew Members get bitten, use Antidote and Bandages to patch them up, and maybe even throw some Explosives to try and take the fight to the Sandworm!

Get that engine fixed, Smeeters, we’ve gotta get outta here!

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