Escape the Smeet Women’s Correction Center!

Smeet Room Womens Correction Center Chat Game

So, remember the Great Prestige Hills Casino Heist? The one we said was guaranteed to make you really rich? Yeah, well. That didn’t end so well.

Your estimate that it would take two weeks for the casino staff to realize what you were doing was somewhat optimistic – just one week into the heist and your entire team was cornered by the Smeet City Police Department...

Most of your counterparts got caught and are now in prison, but as the only female in the group you’ve been taken to the Smeet City Women’s Correction Center while your fate is decided upon by the courts. Your lawyer has already told you that things are looking bleak, however, so you aren’t going to take any chances…it’s time for a jailbreak!

An assortment of items will help with your grand escape plan. We don’t want to give away all the details here in case the prison guards read this blog, but we can tell you that you will need some Ketchup and Juice from the Jail Shop, as well as some Tools so you can fix the glare of the Security Cameras away from you! Bribing your fellow inmates and the Security Guards will also help of course, allowing you to dig your way out of your cell using just a simple Spoon. Progress will be slow, of course, but as long as the operation is well-planned it should ensure a successful jailbreak.

Time to dig for your freedom, Smeeters!