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For many years, after the loss of my beloved dog, Nala, I have wanted to rescue a shelter dog.  I had the name picked out and the gender and the breed too.  But, as we all know, we can’t get everything in life EXACTLY, like we have planned and prayed and patiently waited for.

I have been taking early morning brisk walks of 2 miles or more every day for many years now and noticed that a lot of my walker friends had dogs and walked with them every day and I wished that I had a walking companion like them too. I yearned to have my walking partner of many years back, my precious Nala. Every day for many years, I prayed without ceasing to God to send me a dog who would walk along side me every day, like Nala did.  But years went by and no answer to my prayers.   As some of us are aware, God sometimes answers our prayers in three (3) ways:   The answer is either instantly, other times it is a delay and sometimes the answer is:  No. 

There were so many things that had occurred throughout the years that precluded me from taking the time to go out to the shelter and look for a dog or have a dog choose me.   Then, one day, after my son and I both agreed not to get another dog, the very next day, someone brought us a very tiny puppy.   First of all, I was speechless because we decided the day before not to get a dog, and not such a tiny puppy and especially not that breed:  I disliked Chihuahua dogs for many, many years.  I had my reasons.  I had poodles all my life and wanted either a poodle or terrier or any mixed terrier breed, but NOT a Chihuahua.   Nala, was a mixed breed of chow chow and terrier and she came to live with us when she was only 8 weeks old.  She passed away at age 15 years old after suffering a massive stroke and became paralyzed from the neck down.  My family and I miss her so much even till today. 

We are guessing the puppy is half Chihuahua and the other half miniature pinscher but he looks like a miniature pinscher and has all the characteristics of one.   He is a super active and athletic type of dog, a Houdini and a climber and runs laps in our home.  He came to us a tiny 2 pounds puppy and today he is about 9 pounds, but really still a puppy since he is only 7 months old.   We were told that he was born on January 20, 2019, which is my father’s birthday.   My father loved dogs and had dogs all his life.  My deceased father and I were very close when I was growing up and I was referred to by my family members as:  daddy’s girl.  The bundle of joy or shall we say hyperactive high energy puppy arrived at our home and weighed only 2 pounds and he was so tiny you could carry him in the palm of one hand.  He was such a tiny puppy and sickly as well.  My son bonded with him the instant he laid eyes on that tiny puppy.   As for me, I was still not happy with the breed since it was half Chihuahua.   But as we all know, God works in very mysterious ways and He does not always give us what we ask for specifically, but instead, He gives us what He feels is the Best for us.  Just like our earthly father, who always wants the very best for us. 

Why am I sharing all this with you all is for this reason:   What is so amazing about this gift from God and it was received on God’s timing is this:  I had my dog’s name picked out for many years but never knew what it meant.   I wanted to name my new dog, if I ever got one:  Toby.   A few days later after Toby arrived to our home, I had this strong urge to google the name Toby to find out what it meant.  I was shocked to find this out:   The name Toby means:  GOD is GOOD.   And indeed He is.  He did not answer my prayers the way I wanted, but He did answer it in His timing and I felt God saying to me:

You have prayed and prayed and prayed for many years for a dog after the loss of your beloved dog, Nala, but now you are given a gift of love and how appropriate I thought for the meaning of my gift of love and joy and much happiness means:  God is good.  And yes God is good all the time.  So no matter what we are all going through in this journey of life:  whether it be financial difficulties, marital/relationship problems, health issues, etc. :  ALWAYS have faith and believe in God and never ever stop praying and never lose hope because some day when you least expect it:  there in front of you will be your miracle from God.

It does not matter if we are Muslims, Buddhists, atheists, agnostics, Christians, etc.  The important thing to remember always is this:  Try to have a belief and faith in a higher power because it gives one a sense of hope and allows one to face all the problems, we all encounter as we all go through this journey of life.  Without this belief and faith in a higher power, it becomes extremely difficult to cope on a daily basis and thus people lose hope, become depressed and we all know, depression always leads to other negative things in our health.

I hope all of you enjoyed reading my story of an answered prayer and the message of Hope in God and how unceasing prayers will reap results in God’s timing.  Never give up or lose hope no matter what you are facing today because you are never alone for He is always with us and will never leave us, no matter what…. Even if you are of a different religion, no religion, or do not believe in God, God still loves you unconditionally.

So, until the next time that we meet again, keep on smiling, keep on dancing and keep on meeting new peoples at our daily events and keep on falling in love other and over again.    Love one another because Love conquers all fear.   Please do not hesitate to say hi if you see me around on Smeet.   If you have a question or would like to read about a topic that was never covered before, please feel free to message me in private.   God bless!  <3

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