Want to know a secret about each sign? Read on and see if it’s spot on!



They can’t handle fighting and losing people. They act like they are happy to let people go, but in reality, they regret fighting and want those people back. They hate losing people that mean something to them.


People under this sign are afraid that no one wants them around and that they are easily forgotten by the people who mean the most to them. They are constantly wondering if they mean anything to anyone.


They try so hard to fit in and be friends with everyone. They change who they are themselves and would rather change than be alone because being alone is extremely scary to them.


Cancer people try to act happy all the time. They feel like if they let others see them upset, they are disappointing them. They need to make sure everyone around them doesn’t worry about them, no matter what the cost.


They believe they are unlovable and that everything that goes wrong is their fault. They try to act tough and like they don’t care, but deep inside they are probably the most sensitive person you will ever meet.




People under this sign have trouble handling life. They may seem like they have everything under control and in order, but in reality, they have trouble making it every hour of the day. It’s hard for them to stay positive.


They can’t be without a lover because they need to invest time in others, so they don’t have to focus on themselves. They hate having to deal with their own problems, so they hide them and pretend everything is fine.


Scorpios are scared of getting close to people. They love being trusted by others but have a hard time trusting. They are afraid that one day this will push everyone away and they don’t know how to fix it.


They want only to love and to be loved. When they aren’t with someone, they start to feel hopeless and like they aren’t good enough for anyone.



They invest themselves in trying to get to the top, so they tend to lack deep connections with anyone. They are afraid because of this that they will be alone forever.


They do not feel emotions like they think they should. They get into relationships and don’t feel anything for a while, and because of this they believe there is something wrong with them and hate themselves for it.


They actually have no idea what they are doing in life and daydreams to make themselves feel better. They are lost and confused but act like they have everything under control and hates asking for help.


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How nice are you based on your sign?

  • Aquarius-85%

  • Pisces-8%

  • Aries-20%

  • Taurus-94%

  • Gemini-5%

  • Cancer-80%

  • Leo-50%

  • Virgo-5%

  • Libra-100%

  • Scorpio-10%

  • Sagittarius-90%

  • Capricorn- Infinity


Reference: Zodiac Sign

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